This pup's name is Duke, and he belongs to our staff member.
Sometime last week, Duke escaped from his backyard, and while his owner was out looking for him, Duke got hit by a car just a few blocks away.
Fortunately, some good samaritans saw him lying on the road and rushed him over to a nearby animal ER.
They were able to keep him alive, but unfortunately he broke some bones, along with a bunch of scrapes and bruises.

The doctors said the bone in his front right leg was shattered and would need surgery, and his hip was displaced and would also require surgery.
About 100 miles away, there's a college that has great (but expensive) animal surgeons, but it wasn't possible to go there until later in the week.
So the next day he was taken to his usual veterinarian for a check up and to re-evaluate his injuries.
For policy reasons, they did a rabies test first, then they rebandaged him and refilled his pain-killer/antibiotic prescriptions.
After several restless nights (for the dog and his owner), Duke was finally able to make the 100 mile trip out to see the surgeons.
(just before surgery)
The bill for the surgery hasn't come in yet because he's still in recovery there, but so far it's going to cost about $7,000.
When everything gets added up, the final bill will be just over $10,000.
The ER bill:
(part 2):
Medication from the ER:
Visit to the vet:

Luckily, the college allows a payment of half now, and the rest on some kind of payment plan later. had enough credit to do that, so Duke did get the surgery, but he could use help paying for the rest.
That's $2,785.12 for the ER + $162.48 for medication from the ER + $179.12 for the vet + $7000 for the surgery, which comes to a total of $10,126.72.

So we thought we'd set up this donation page letting people know about the situation, and so they can donate whatever they can if they'd like to help out.
For the moment, all cryptostorm profits will be going towards these medical bills. So if you need a VPN and want to help, just sign up at
If you don't need a VPN at the moment but would still like to help, you can use the PayPal donate button at the top of this page.
For those who would prefer to instead donate using a cryptocurrency, the wallet addresses are:

Bitcoin: 3N4iBEPJuDB4vr3jVerDMrJ1FAsUtj3S9V
Bitcoin Cash: qr8uja2pvt59m9ek3rflnu0av0djhps4ncjm0dfe96
Ether: 0xDEec03A4048944C6065d942119DA34eEF66C7e3f
Litecoin: MWSAuzL1tNY8Xm6egsjSttVgojL1ij2tAo
0x (ZRX): 0xa0B0F655E7E558Aa37565A7bfA23908BDf04934F
Basic Attention Token: 0x4C30277C36C3A04DBBd207a2173aEbBF7627BA72
Zcash: t1RTphouDSZmpDoaGnNoXzcruAaZKsA1dBL

100% of anything sent to the above addresses or through the PayPal donate button above will go to Duke's medical bills.

Thanks to anyone who can help out, and we'll add updates to this page as they come in.
Here's a GIF of Duke being Duke: