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Port striping v2

TLDR: Our ECC instances now work on other ports too, not just 5060. The configs here  and on GitHub have been updated so that they now default to port 443, same as RSA. A new Windows widget version 3.33 was just released that no longer has po...
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Balancing loads

As some of you know, we use a DNS based load balancer in our VPN setup. There's the "Global random" option in our Windows  widget , and a set of our OpenVPN configs with "Balancer" in the file name. Both of those use the host name balancer.cstorm....
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New features

On Oct 8 2018, the changes described below went live. The updated configs are at or if you use Windows, the updated widget is at The tutorials on
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A new blog

After writing explaining the recent changes we made to our network, someone recommended that we start a blog. That sounded like a good idea, and with a blog we don't have to keep making standalone pages every time we wan...
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