A new blog

A new blog

After writing https://cryptostorm.is/new explaining the recent changes we made to our network, someone recommended that we start a blog. That sounded like a good idea, and with a blog we don't have to keep making standalone pages every time we want to announce or explain something.

So from now on, announcements and other new technical explanations will go here (and our Twitter feed). In the past, we did have another blog at this location, but that one was more about theories and ideas than practical and technical information. We'll keep to the latter this time. We'll also try to keep the stuff here optional reading only. Connecting to the service shouldn't require reading a blog/forum post. 

The first post will be a copy/paste of what was on https://cryptostorm.is/new and a redirect will be setup there so that requests to that page go to the first post here.

Also, we've enabled an RSS plugin for this blog so you don't have to keep checking this page for updates.
The RSS url is https://cryptostorm.is/blog/rss.xml

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