Android users have one option:

OpenVPN for Android

Source code available at:
  • First, install "OpenVPN for Android":
    (not to be confused with "OpenVPN Connect")
    Get it on F-Droid Get it on Google Play

    If you don't use Google Play Store or F-Droid, you can also download the latest .apk from:

  • Next, decide if you want to import all the configs or just certain ones.
    You will need to enter your token as the username for every config that you import, so less configs mean less work, but it also means less connection options.
    The configs are at

    The ed25519 and ed448 configs aren't supported by OpenVPN for Android yet.
    As of version 0.7.6 of OpenVPN for Android, OpenSSL 1.1.1a is included, which means Ed25519 and Ed448 is now supported.

    Whenever you download the configs from your browser, you should be able to open it and it'll be automatically imported into OpenVPN for Android.
  • Once imported, tap the save profile icon

    If you'd like all the configs at once, use the ZIP file at
    Android doesn't have built-in ZIP file support, so you'll need an app to open that ZIP file.
    We recommend Ghost Commander, a free (and ad-free) file managing app with ZIP file support and an interface similar to the old Midnight Commander
    Get it on F-Droid Get it on Google Play
    The .apk and the source code for Ghost Commander is available at:

  • Once you have the config imported and the profile saved, tap the settings icon to the right of the profile you want to use:

  • Next, enter your cryptostorm token in the Username field, and any random text for the password.
    You can either manually type your token, or you can copy/paste it from the welcome email.
    If you received your token through in-browser delivery, you'll have to transfer it to your phone somehow (email, FTP, Ghost Commander, etc.) or enter it manually.

    It's recommended that you first hash your token using the token hasher at (under the teddy bear), but it's not required.

  • IPv6 leak warning:
    If you plan on using your phone provider's internet and not WiFi, you should tell your phone to only connect using IPv4, not IPv6.
    To do this in Android > version 5, open up the Android settings.
    From there you would go to "Network & Internet", then "Mobile Network", then "Access Point Names", then tap on whichever one is the selected APN.
    On that screen you should see a bunch of options, one of them being "APN protocol".
    Tap on that and change it from "IPv6" or "IPv4/IPv6" to just "IPv4".
    In some Android versions, the exact names of those options is probably different, but it should be similar enough that you can figure out how to get to that last "APN protocol" option.

  • Once you're done with that, press the back button on your phone/tablet to save your token and return to the main screen.
    From there, tap on the profile you just created to connect to cryptostorm
    If you get this prompt, select "I trust this application" and click "OK"

  • Once you see the text "Initialization Sequence Completed", you're connected!
    You'll also see a notification at the top of your screen.

  • To verify that your IP has changed, visit