cryptostorm darknet
…“VPN service,” leveled-up

Token-based, opensource-published, unlimited-use, no-compromise, screamin'-fast online security & privacy service.
Structured top-to-bottom for serious protection in a post-Snowden world: cryptostorm

Much Currency.

From independent resellers, to creditcards, to PayPal, to bitcoins, to Dogecoins, & passle of additional alt-coins… you've a veritable cavalcade of choices when it comes to becoming a cryptostorm member.

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'Seppuku Pledge'

We've publicly pledged - since 2007 - that if secret spies & kangaroo courts ever bring us to the point where there's no further way to fight through the 'legal' system, our next step is simple & direct: shut it down completely, aka Privacy Seppuku. Never betray network members. Start again.

Feb. 2/2014 - cryptostorm Officially Launched

Think Creative


No hypeware or marketing gimmicks. Opensource, published, peer-reviewed fundamentals. Dedicated servers, FDE from the metal. No-bullshit Terms of Service & Privacy Policy.


Strong Crypto

From algorithm choice to OpSec procedures, we've been iteratively hardening attack surfaces for years. No encraption, broken protocols, or slapdash administration.

Core Values

Battle Tested

Our core team helped launch the VPN industry, & we've been redefining the possible every step since. Activist friendly? Indeed: we've directly supported info dissidents… for decades.

network operations

Rooted in Iceland, financials via Québec/First Nations territories, we're designed ground-up to embody a decentralised, flexible, crafty approach to real-world network security. Strictly limited subscription availability means network resources grow before new members can join. Member security first; everything else is just backstory.