iOS/iPhone/iPad users have one option:

OpenVPN Connect

  • Install OpenVPN Connect from the App Store

  • Next, choose the cryptostorm OpenVPN config you want to use from
    Note: If you're using an older version of iOS or OpenVPN Connect, you may have to use the RSA configs from
    The Ed25519 and Ed448 configs are NOT supported.
    When you click on the .ovpn file you want to use, you should see an 'Open in "OpenVPN"' option that will import the config into OpenVPN Connect

  • On the "Import Profile" screen, select "ADD"

  • At the "Imported Profile" screen, enter your cryptostorm token in the Username field, and any text in the password field.
    Check the "Save password" box so you don't have to enter your token every time you connect, then tap "ADD".

  • Before connecting, it's strongly recommended that you use the following settings.
    Back on the main screen, tap the three horizontal lines then tap "Settings"
    Change the defaults to match the image below
    Some people have reported different results with the "Layer 2 reachability" setting.
    So if you're having issues when switching between WiFi and cellular networks, try disabling that setting.

  • When you're done with that, go back to the main screen and use the slider underneath "Disconnected" to connect to cryptostorm

  • Choose "Yes" if asked to allow OpenVPN to enable VPN connections.

  • That's it! You should now be connected. Visit to verify that your IP has changed.