Our refund policy is pretty simple.

If you're unsatisifed with our service and have used 50% or less of your token's duration, and your order was placed less than 180 days ago, then we'll refund your order.
For example, if you bought a one week token three months ago, but you've only first connected with the token 2 days ago (and are unsatisified with the service), we'll refund the order.

Send an email to support@cryptostorm.is to begin the refunding process.
Be sure to include the payment processor used (PayPal, CCBill, or BitPay), the email address associated with the order, and the invoice/transaction ID.

For obvious reasons, the number of refunds will be limited per customer.
Also, due to high processing fees, lifetime tokens cannot be refunded.

Orders processed by CoinPayments.net will also not be refundable, since they don't offer merchants a way to do that.
(see https://www.coinpayments.net/supwiz, under "What We Can't Help You With" - "4. Refunds for completed transactions - all transactions are final and cannot be refunded.")