Cryptofree is the name of cryptostorm's free VPN service.
It's only limitations are bandwidth speeds, and there's only one server to choose from (in France).
Also, it doesn't include any non-essential features such as transparent .onion/.i2p access or port forwarding.
Other than that, it's setup exactly the same as our paid nodes. Same cryptography, same security features, same no logging policy.
Anyone is free to use it for as long as they like. There's no time limits, so you can stay connected to it as long as you want.

In most cases, a free VPN should be avoided because of the accurate saying:
"If you're not paying for the product, you are the product"
This is very true for the majority of the free VPNs out there, because they have to make money somehow to pay for their servers.
What most of them do is inject ads into your traffic, or they'll monitor everything you do and sell that data to advertising companies.
Some have been caught doing more malicious things like injecting browser exploit kits into web traffic, turning their VPN clients into zombies in their botnets.

With cryptostorm's cryptofree service, you don't have to worry about any of that.
cryptostorm pays for cryptofree. We make money off of cryptofree because cryptofree is in itself an advertisement for cryptostorm.
We have no need to do any of the above schemes to make money off of cryptofree, and if we ever tried to, it would make cryptostorm look bad.

To use cryptofree, simply follow the guides on,
and whenever configs are mentioned, you would use the ones at instead.
Instead of entering your cryptostorm token as your username, you would enter any text for the username (and password).

For Windows users, our widget is the easiest way to connect to cryptofree.
Just select it from the drop down list and click the Connect button:

We now also have a free WireGuard server, see