connecting to cryptostorm

Our widget is the quickest, least fiddly path onto the secure network. Simply download & run the self-installing package (Windows only; Mac build nearly ready for release), enter your token (tokens are available here), and you're connected. Everything is automated, and there's no drama. The widget is opensource (Perl source code)

Current widget version is 2.22, available here.
cstorm_setup.exe's MD5: fd2ecec7a1627a7fad87b8df4bc19f8a
cstorm_setup.exe's SHA1: 4077732b3993a2042904fdb8bd4de911df1e6a5a

If you need the widget zipped up, it's here's MD5: d672b6c71b94a31db85f45a6bf3b4daf's SHA1: 05c675699d0518cb805e48113e38c818516f8c14

For those who perfer their darknet raw, our member community has crowdsourced proven successful connection guides for most all popular OS/hardware platforms. These include:

~ Windows default OpenVPN GUI
~ Linux, terminal or Network Manager GUIs
~ Android (part of our smartphone security subforum)
~ Mac, via Viscosity or Tunnelblick
~ routers running DD-WRT | Tomato | OpenWRT

Additional platforms are added regularly in our dedicated forum zone for HOWTO discussions; if you don't see your platform of choice listed already, open a thread & we'll get it done.